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Even in countries where prostitution is illegal, the industry continues to flourish.

Havocscope compiled a list cost for prostitute prices of prostitution around the world, and the results are intriguing, and oftentimes, disheartening. Most prostitutes have 15 prosritute a day. The girls were 12 years old when they were forced into prostitution.

But should customers want someone underage, they'd have to pay double. Some men in Singapore were arrested for having sex for a minor.

View the Havocscope's entire list. The Economist conducted a study a few years ago on the price of prostitution around the globe, analysing data fromfemale sex workers in 12 countries — mostly in America cost for prostitute other ffor countries. They found that cost for prostitute price of an hour of sex has been steadily dropping.

But prostitutes aren't actually earning. Now that many of them conduct their business online, they don't have to give a pimp or a brothel a cut for giving cost for prostitute business.

And as it's easier to sell sex, competition drives prices downward. As in any other business.

What did you think of these statistics on the price of prostitution around the world? Let us know in the comments.

Prostitution In Malaysia: The Billion-Dollar Illicit Industry. Prostitution In Singapore: A Multi-Million Dollar Industry.

How much is the price of prostitution around the world? Written by Cristina Morales.