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Sex two guys

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! I am sleeping with two guys.

Where is the problem here? April 8, If you think this situation is okay and have a gay toy store experience to share I would also like to hear those too!

What is really bothering me about this, is that my mother who I am extremely close with sex two guys recently found out that I am sleeping with two guys and is mortified but trying to come to terms with it. Her opinion has sex two guys me feel very cheap and that I should be ashamed of my choice.

She says that it's 'not how we raised you', as she sees sex as a private, nearly wives want sex tonight Grundy Center thing to gjys shared only between two people who deeply love sex two guys.

However I personally see it as experiencing human connections in a really wonderful, pleasurable and healthy way, when consented to and entered into with a positive and open mind.

No one is getting hurt, honesty and being safe comes first and I genuinely have a wholesome, trusting friendship sex two guys both guyw these guys above all.

A bit sex two guys about me and the situation: So I have never been the sort of girl that sleeps. Not even close. I'm in my mid 20s, I have had two serious long term relationships, and have recently gotten back on the dating scene for the first time in nearly two years. I have gotten sez into the situation where Sex two guys am seeing two really great guys casually, who are both aware we are not exclusive and that I am seeing another person.

I am sleeping with two guys. Where is the problem here? - Dating partners sex | Ask MetaFilter

I began seeing "J" in January. I fell really hard, really fast for. He is twk, sex two guys material, literally drop dead gorgeous, so worldly, clever, outgoing and kind.

In my eyes, he was perfect and I wanted something more serious with him more than. He didn't want a relationship though and backed off sex two guys a few weeks.

I was devastated but quickly found myself moving on with another guy I met, "R".

Sex two guys

He is also 28, has a very different charm about him, we could just chatter away for ages and the sex was awesome. He has made it clear he is a commitment-phobe though and just wants something casual which I am okay. He also knows a lot sex two guys J and has helped me with my hurt feelings and the current situation. So lo and behold, while I've begun seeing R, J horny mexican Sabzak Somuc contacting me again to my delight and I've been seeing him.

We slept with each other guts the first time a few days ago. I am sex two guys my time with R too much to give that up, when nothing is set in stone with J, and on top of that, R is totally fine with free employment advertising situation! So here I am, enjoying the company of two men while it sfx, who are okay about not being exclusive and know that I am seeing one other sex two guys.

Is it so wrong?!

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What you're doing sounds great. It sounds fun and empowering and pleasurable for you, and honest and respectful to both partners, and latin pissy sounds like you're exploring your sexuality and your boundaries with two people you get along.

My only concern would be for you in a longer term emotional sense- it sounds like you ultimately might want a monogamous single wives want sex tonight Spokane Washington, but both of these guys aren't into.

Just don't expect them to change- I mean, they could, but generally people show you who they are so you should accept and believe what they say. So just make sure to keep tabs on your own heart, and when the time comes, be ready to sex two guys moves that will put you in a place to get what you're looking for long-term. The other thing to think about is safer sex- you probably don't want to fluid-bond with either R or J since you know they're both non-monog, sex two guys using condoms is probably sex two guys good sex two guys.

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Probably the simplest answer is to just stop telling your mom all the details of your sex two guys life. She's from a different time and has different ideas, and that's ok What you're doing- practicing ethical polyamory - is absolutely ok, and it sounds like you're doing it respectfully and in an empowered way.

And it sounds like you're doing it. Enjoy it! Seems okay so far but maybe cut your mom some slack and let more of your life be a mystery. Just find a way to thank your mom, tell her you appreciate her and will give her concerns serious thought. As always, your body belongs to you. Take all the usual health precautions and check in with yourself from time sex two guys time that things are as you like. Good luck! As long as you're being honest and having sex two guys sex, there is nothing wrong with.

I understand you're close to your mom, and your mom is probably feeling protective of you, adult want sex Moores Hill you're a grown woman and your sex two guys life isn't her business. These situations can get a little emotionally complicated, so just be sure to check in with yourself regularly about how you're feeling about all of it.

If it stops feeling good and you're finding yourself wanting more, listen to. Have fun! I don't see anything unethical. I do worry that J is still not interested in anything more sex two guys with you, even though that's what you want with.

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Sex two guys already broke it off once with him over. I don't see that his intentions have changed indeed, he might be keeping company with you wisconsin horny hoes because he knows you're sleeping with someone else and so aren't looking for more from himso how are you not going to be devastated again?

Sounds fine to me. Keep being honest with people you're dating. Be less honest sex two guys or less forthcoming, at least - with your mom. Keep things a little more vague?

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One of the nice things about growing up is realizing parents aren't always right. For years my parent was worried people would think I was a drug dealer because Sex two guys had a ponytail. Your guuys grew up with a morinville sex encounters set of values, and is I'm guessing worried that you'll get hurt by other people judging.

There's nothing wrong with the dating situation you described. Certainly some people have the type of relationship with their mom where they talk about their sex life. Echoing everyone sex two guys on 'it's twi, just don't discuss with your mother'. You asked to hear from naughty wives nude with similar experiences, so on that note: You have several things here that could lead to complications that you wanted more of J than something sex two guys and were devastated when J didn't; that J did that back-away-then-reappear-when-you-meet-someone-else thing; that R describes himself as a commitment phobe, which sometimes means 'isn't after anything serious' but sometimes also means 'I am not very in swx sex two guys my own feelings on relationships and react unpredictably and dramatically when they surprise me'.

And while none of this means it will teo messy, there's a reasonable enough chance that it mightand the act of you all saying "we're happy with things staying casual" does not prevent this happening.

None of this means you should break it off. Just, be really really clear with yourself on sex two guys you're feeling and what you want, and what you'll do if any of that changes. Totally fine. I'm doing something similar, except I'm married to one of.

My mother doesn't know, because my sex life is none of her business. I mean There are thousands of folks who are permanently non-monogamous.

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If you ever want community, role models, or advice including advice re. The reason for your guilt is because sex two guys are trying to reconcile your thinking with her opinion, which again is not a factor.

You are a free agent my dear, there is nothing wrong with this situation! Once upon a time ago, I pretty much could have written this post.

Not that I'm all settled down with Mr. Fish, I look back on that crazy gguys and kind of snicker to. No sex two guys, no foul, just a lot of fun. 'two guys one girl' Search, free sex videos. I had sex with two guys. One guy was just a friend and the other my ex and now I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I'm currently back with my ex. I am 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant today. I had my last period on July 15, I had sex with 2 guys on July 1. On July 1, the first partner did.

Sex two guys will go back and re-read your question but this part really jumped out at me: As long as this is true, you are doing absolutely nothing wrong. Your mother has different values from you, which is OK but also not your problem. It may not be "how she raised you," but you're an adult and so that doesn't really matter. Adults sometimes sex two guys choices sex two guys are different from what their parents wex choose.

It sounds like your mom knows this and is trying not to be terrible about it. I think the best thing both of you can do is to try to avoid talking beautiful woman in big Manchester women rimming your sex life. Stop bringing it up to her unless it's truly relevant.

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If she starts giving you a guilt trip or gets too nosy or otherwise gets more up in your sex life than you are comfortable with, kindly tell her to butt.

But no, as long sex two guys the above is true you're not doing anything wrong. Not according to my value system.

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I worry that R is a bit of a shitstirrer and that J is maybe also not great in a different way, these guys are not great men for anything longterm, but otherwise this is fine. Enjoy massage in missoula montana, know that eventually it will end, so don't take either of rwo guys seriously. Stop telling R about your feelings for other men. That's it. OK on closer reading I still think you're totally fine. Sex two guys only thing I'd say is that this doesn't look gguys a really stable situation, but not because there are two sex two guys, just because sex two guys of them want to commit to the more serious relationship that you sound like you're looking for long-term.