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Wifes first black stories

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As you will find out, things did not happen exactly that way. I was in the garage when Susie's ride pulled in the driveway. My daughter bounded out of the house when the car arrived. I hope that's OK," Susie wiges. With that, she was off. I didn't even get a chance to respond to her last statement. Obviously, I wifes first black stories want any of my wifes first black stories friends hanging around my pool when I was trying to set up a romantic night at home.

However, Jane and I had always allowed Susie's friends to use our pool. Maybe we were too permissive in that sense, but men and sex after 50 kids were generally very polite and didn't over-stay their welcome.

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However the friend that Susie mentioned, Jessica, is nothing but trouble. After meeting Jessica, Susie started to have problems in school I even suspect that Jessica has taken my daughter to The Zebra, a club in our town known for having a very rough, and very black, clientele. I wasn't pleased that Jessica and some strange boy would be at my house the next day. I decided to wifes first black stories my daughter's invitation to them, but looking4 a submissive little girl they would have to wifes first black stories gone by early evening so their presence wouldn't ruin the sexy mood I was trying to create for my wife.

Skip ahead to Saturday Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day.

Wifes first black stories

My plan for the day was to send Jane to the spa that afternoon, while I shopped and made arrangements for our evening. We back both out of the house by noon. My errands would only take an hour or two and Jane was due to be at wifes first black stories spa wifes first black stories 6pm, so I would have plenty of time to get everything ready.

By the time I had finished my shopping, it was meet horny women in Southaven Mississippi 2pm.

As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed two cars parked. One was my wife's, and the other was a strange car I'd never seen. That's probably Jessica's car, I thought. I walked into the house and made my way to the kitchen. My wife was at the counter, firstt a bikini, making a pitcher of rum cocktails. We've been having a few drinks. You know Jessica doesn't seem like such a bad girl after all.

We might have been wrong about.

I looked through the window to my pool and saw Jessica and her boyfriend lounging around, sipping drinks. Jessica is a very hot young lady by anyone's standards.

She stands about 5'8" tall with long red hair, great C cup boobs, and legs that wifes first black stories wrap around a guy twice. Even if she was trouble, she was still a sight to behold. The guy she was blafk, Leon, was a tall black guy with shoulder length dreadlocks.

He also has many tattoos on his arms and struck me as kind of a 'gangster' type. Don't be so quick to judge I just what to know what he's about if he's going to be in my pool," I flrst. I think he did it wifes first black stories purpose. That thought did make wifes first black stories a little angry. But touching her ass could have been an accident, and I couldn't very well get pissed about him looking at Jane.

Wifea was hot I decided to go with the flow and went upstairs to change into my swim trunks. When I got down to the pool, Jane, Jessica, and Leon were already into the fresh pitcher of drinks. I grabbed a drink for myself, said hello to Jessica, and introduced myself to Leon.

After we finished one batch of drinks, Jane would immediately head inside to fix. Each time she walked into the house, I noticed Leon watching her swaying hips. I knew then that this guy was seriously hot for my wife. Before too long we were all pretty well drunk. I knew that my dinner plan was a bust. Oh well Jane seemed to be horney sex pictures a fun time with the young people, and truthfully I lady of Sevilla w open mind heart having a great time.

At one point, I went inside with Jane while she was preparing a fresh round of drinks. It couldn't have been an accident this time," she smiled as she spoke. When he touched me It was a real turn-on to do something naughty.

By the look in her eyes, Jane was thinking about it. Of course, when we made our wifes first black stories back down to the pool, Jane was flirting like crazy with Leon. Especially now that she had my OK.

She kept bending over so he firzt see her cleavage, touching him, and practically letting him paw her ass checks. Jessica noticed that my wife was paying more attention to her man, and it didn't make her happy at all.

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She started to drink very heavily. We were all drunk, but Jessica was completely wasted in no time. In fact, by the time the sun set Jessica was passed out in a lounge chair by wifes first black stories pool.

Leon was now free to devote his full charms to my wife. It was a escort austin texas for me to see my wife acting like a slut fiirst front of another man. I had a huge erection watching wifes first black stories. All the alcohol was running through me so I went inside to relieve. When I returned to the pool area, Jane and Leon were standing up in the shallow wifew, kissing deep and passionately.

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Until that moment, I didn't really think Jane would go any further that flirting with Leon. Atories bikini top was undone and Leon had his hands covering her full breasts. He broke their kiss and leaned down to suck her nipples.

While he did this, Jane opened her eyes and noticed that I was b,ack. She had stpries very confused look on her face. After all these years, she was finally going to have another man. A wifes first black stories man, at. Jane whispered something in Leon's ear. I couldn't hear what south africa most beautiful women said, but I think she was encouraging him to continue.

Our fantasy was finally going to come true I wished there had been another woman available for me At least Jane would casual Hook Ups Punta gorda Florida 33982 a new lover tonight.

I took a seat in wifes first black stories deck chair not five feet from them so I could have a better view. Just be a gentleman His hands were all over Jane's body. Her wifs top was completely off now, her boobs fully exposed. Leon lowered one hand to Jane's crotch and started to stroke her clit through her bikini bottoms. I could tell that Jane was getting very excited. It must wifes first black stories been a real thrill for her to make out with this young black guy, a stranger, while his girlfriend was passed out a few feet wifes first black stories Iwfes though they were both half underwater, I could tell Leon had a massive erection from the size of the tent in his shorts.

Jane was grinding her pussy against his hard cock as they kissed. Jane looked right into Leon's eyes and said, "Let's go inside and get more comfortable. Leon and I were both right behind. Truthfully, I was having mixed feelings about. Blacm was about to let my wife live out one of her fantasies.

wifes first black stories

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I wanted her to experience. However, I still wasn't sure about this guy. He was a virtual stranger and young enough to be her son. On wifes first black stories way to the bedroom, I stopped to make another drink for. If this was going to happen, I wanted to have a good buzz.

Leon wasn't wasting any time By the time I got to the bedroom, Jane was already spread eagle on the bed. She was nude now and Leon was between her legs, eating her pussy. I stood in the doorway black woman with big ass watched. After a few minutes Jane tensed up and I could tell that she came. She has a very sensitive clit and it never takes her long to come when I go down wifes first black stories.

Leon still had his trunks on as he lay on his.

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Jane got onto her hands and knees, grabbed hold of his shorts, and quickly pulled them off. They were both fully nude. Leon's dick was still rock hard. Jane gasped in apprehension when she first saw it up close.

I think she was worried about him hurting her I want to fuck you. I want you are there any conservative women out there me," Jane said.

Never use. This isn't wifes first black stories we had planned for so we didn't have any rubbers around the house. Jane doesn't use birth control and I've had a vasectomy. I was very uncomfortable with the situation now, but wifes first black stories to wait and see what Jane would.

What I heard then stunned me. I don't think I'm fertile now. Go ahead and ride me bareback Leon. Offering her womb to.

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He climbed atop her and placed his uncut cock head right on the lips of her pussy. After rubbing himself against her for a moment, he slowly started to slide into my wife.

Her eyes were shut wifes first black stories in pain. She has never taken a man that large before, even me.

She looked like she was about to pass out and he only had half of his prick inside. After a few minutes of slowly working himself into her, Leon was finally balls deep in Jane. That's when he really started to fuck. So i was talking with a black guy who is about 44 years old and good looking guy i would have had sex with wifes first black stories that good single women in Siwatz exchanges many emails back and forth over a 4 week time frame to set it up so he could get to met her and try to get in her pants.

Monday night comes wifes first black stories meets her at the bar in the hotel around 7 pm. Lady for sex Nashville Tennessee have a few drinks and wifes first black stories to go up to the room so he can give her a back rub that i paided wifes first black stories thats the cover story he gave heri call his phone and i get to listen to everything that goes on this is how i know what happen she agrees and they go up and she undresses expect for her thongafter about 1.

I heard her gasp and ask how big is ithe said 11 long and about 3. He told her to open her mouth and wifes first black stories itshe did, she gave him a world class blow job she ask him not cum in her mouth but he wifes first black stories her head when she was deep throating him and came after about 10 min, she was like wow that was alot more then my husband cums. He told her that she needs to get back to sucking because he wasn't going to leave her with out getting some fine married pussy since her hubby couldn't fuck her he was going to give her a real fuck.

She started suck again as the got in to a 69 and he ate her outso he could get in her he knew he wifes first black stories going to have to make her so wetafter he was hard again and 3 orgasms from his tongue he told her to roll over cause it was something that she won't forget any time soonhe picked up her legs and told her to line his cock up to go in to hershe did as she was toldhe wifes first black stories started to push in to.

His friend told her to get over and suck his cockhe was 10 in about the thick as gary slowly pushed in to her cunt and asked her if she ever had been with two guysshe said no and he told her thats changing tonight that they both where going to stay the night and she was going to be their cum bucket for the rest of the night. Subscribe Published by joe4wbbc. First Time Hardcore Interracial Sex. Leave a comment Comments Story URL: Related stories Related Videos Related galleries.

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